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SALCO is a legal clinic that supports low-income South Asian people in Ontario. We provide services in a number of areas of law including immigration, tenancy, employment, income supports, and other areas. Click on the Legal Services page of our website to see all of the areas that we can support you with. You can reach us at 416-487-6371. We can also give you advice and support from family law matters but if you need more advice or representation in family law, criminal, law and/or a refugee matter you can contact Legal Aid Ontario at 416-979-1446 or their website

Legal Aid Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario can provide support in many areas including family law, criminal law, refugee law, and some immigration law matters.  Some of these areas are not covered at SALCO. 

About Us

SALCO’s mandate is to improve access to justice for low-income South Asian communities. SALCO provides direct legal services in Ontario, public legal education across Ontario and Canada, and is involved in many community development and law reform initiatives to advance the rights of low-income South Asian communities. SALCO provides services in multiple South Asian languages and in multiple areas of law.

Our advocacy includes dismantling the impact of intersecting forms of discrimination on all life outcomes for racialized communities including systemic racism and Islammophobia. SALCO also supports many people facing gender-based violence (GBV) in direct legal services and in large-scale systems change to better serve South Asian people facing GBV.

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Our Services

We provide advice, brief services, and/or legal representation in a number of areas of law.   For more information, please contact us by phone or by email.

Housing Law

Gender-Based Violence

Consumer Rights

Employment Law

Human Rights

Immigration Law

Income Assistance

Family Law

Other: ID Document Replacement Support, Affadavits related to the areas of law that we practice on a case by case basis.

Interested in becoming a SALCO Member or Board Member?

To become a SALCO member, you will need to complete our Membership Form
and mail or email it back to SALCO at 106A – 45 Sheppard Avenue, East, Toronto, ON, M2N 5W9.

For more information on our governance please refer to SALCO’s Bylaws.

Curious as to how we select our board members?  Check out our Slate Selection Policy.

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Please consider completing a Client Survey if we have supported you on a legal matter, or a Community Partner Survey if we have worked with your organization.